Information about cookies

What is a cookie?

The site you are visiting employs cookies. Thus, this site can access information already stored on your electronic communications terminal equipment, and also record information there.
Cookies are small text files that are installed on your computer or device when you visit our website.


Cookies help us gather information on how you use our website, but we do not store any information in cookie data concerning you that would allow us to identify you personally. We only record a unique session identifier that helps us find your user profile and preferences the next time you visit our site.

Our site uses two different types of cookies:
– “strictly necessary” cookies for which your prior consent is not required,
– other cookies that are submitted to you for your prior consent.

1 – Cookies that do not require prior consent

We use these cookies to allow you to browse our site easily, in particular cookies that:
– record your browsing preferences such as your language,
– allow you to browse our site more quickly and easily.

Technically, these cookies cannot be disabled on the site. You can nevertheless refuse the use of these cookies but only by adjusting your browser settings. These settings vary according to the browser you use, but the process is generally quite simple: you can either activate private browsing or simply refuse or restrict cookies. Please be aware that cookies may have been placed on your device before you change your browser settings. In that case, you should use your browser settings to delete your browser history.

The following table lists the cookies stored by truckcartel:

Cookie Name Cookie Purpose Cookie Lifetime
acceptCookies Records whether the user has explicitly agreed to continue browsing with cookies, in which case the cookie notification bar no longer need be displayed. Records the user’s session identifiers.
Session_id Reappears until the user clicks “OK” One session

2 – Cookies submitted to you for your prior consent
Our website uses some cookies controlled by us and others placed under the control of third parties that are submitted to you for your prior consent.

We use these cookies to:
– collect analytical information, for example to track the number of visitors to our site and identify the pages you visit most often on our sites. We use the analytical data we collect for marketing and resource-planning purposes;
– determine whether our customers and site visitors easily adapt to modifications we may make to our site.

The following table lists cookies stored by third parties:

Stored By Cookie Name Cookie Purpose Cookie Lifetime
Google Analytics _utma ; _utmb; _utmc; _utmv; _utmz Analyses website traffic For a period of 2 years from the site visit
Google Universal Analytics _ga Assigns a unique identifier to each visitor. A maximum of 2 years


Session cookies
These cookies are stored on your computer or device temporarily during one browser session. They are deleted from your computer or device at the end of the browser session.

Persistent cookies
Persistent cookies remain on your computer longer. They help us recognise you when we need to know who you are for more than one browser session.

Analytical cookies
These cookies allow us to analyse traffic on our site in order to improve its performance and the way in which we present our content to you. Specifically, they track your browser session (the pages consulted most often, the page on which you leave our site, the length of your visit, etc.). The data stored by these cookies may only be viewed by the website teams in question, and it does not contain any confidential information.


The menus of most browsers have options allowing you to manage cookies by adjusting or configuring your cookie settings. In general, browsers allow you to:
– display your cookies;
– authorise cookies;
– disable all cookies or only certain cookies;
– disable all cookies when you close your browser;
– block cookies;
– to be notified when you receive a cookie.

Please note that if you choose to block our cookies, certain functionalities on our websites will be disabled, which may affect your ability to browse them. If you configure your browser to delete all cookies, your browsing preferences will be deleted when you close your browser. Please note that, unless you have configured your browser to refuse cookies, our system will record cookies on your system as soon as you access our site.

Configuring cookies on different browsers:
All you need to do is consult your browser’s help menu to learn how to modify your cookie preferences.

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The use of cookies is regulated by Article 32 II of Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, which, as subsequently modified, implements Article 5.3 of Directive 2002/58/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 12 July 2002 as amended by Directive 2009/136/EC.